Thursday, June 02, 2005

Move Derrek Lee?

I was trying to come up with top flight players that the Cubs could pick up near the trading deadline and most seemed like good yet unspectacular players such as Abury Huff, Austin Kearns, or Cliff Floyd. The only real superstar that could possibably be traded for this year is Adam Dunn. The problem is that the Reds are going to ask for a haul of minor leagers that I don't really want to lose i.e. Murton, Pie, Patterson,Galleger, Nolasco, Hill, or Aardsma. Even then I don't see them trading Dunn within the division.

The solution I came up with is not to trade for an OF or SS (yes Neifi! is hitting over 300 but keeping him scares the crap out of me) but to trade for a first baseman. The solution is Todd Helton. A gold glover that won't give away anything with the leather and adds a very patient hitter to the lineup. Where do I put Derrek the Destroyer you ask. I give him Dubois' left field position. Lee is very athletic and seems more than capable of manning a coner outfield spot. Even if he stinks it is not like he is replacing Andruw Jones out there. Additionally the Rockies are looking to get rid of Helton's contract and are always looking for young arms which the Cubs have in droves. Hell they may even pay some of Todds salary. Sure it would take a good player such as Hill, Nolasco or someone of the like but not near what it would take to pry Dunn free. Dubois could then be used in order to sure up the bench or as a platoon player with Burnitz.

Derrek Lee, however, is on a tear the likes of which the Cubs havn't seen since Sosa hit 20 hr in a month. I don't know if it is a good idea to move him. Moving him seems a lot like talking to a pitcher during a no-hitter. You just don't want to screw things up. But I have to say Helton's near .400 OBP would look very good in the middle of that lineup hitting third helping Derrek to pump up that RBI total.


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