Tuesday, July 26, 2005

God I love this time of year.

The Weather is hot, the Cubs are hot, and my mind is going crazy with dreams of Vlad for Macias trades. Lets get right to the trade talk.
  • For all of the talk about trades the Cubs may be better without ever making a trade. Nomar is playing for Peoria today, Williamson is thumping AAA hitters, Woody looks to try his hand at the pen, and Rich Hill held his own as a starter yesterday. In a trade season that has teams considering Sidney Ponson, Jose Lima, Jeremy Affeldt, and Brett Boone as options this guys are great upgrades.
  • I swear to god I will wait outside of of Wrigley Field with a nine iron and a bottle of wiskey looking for Hendry's head if Adam Dunn goes to the Dodgers for Antionio Perez and Edwin Jackson. If the Reds are willing to trade him the Cubs could and should better that offer with say Mike Fontenot , Rickey Nolasco, and Jon Leicester.
  • I hear a lot of complaining about the bullpen but I don't think it is that bad. Admittidly it is not a shutdown pen but it is by no means terrable. I don't see anyone on the trade market that could massively improve the pen. (No Billy Wagner is not on the market.)
  • Speaking of the pen I suggest that the Cubs trade Ryan Dempster at the end of the year. I love the work he has done in the closer role but he will be overvalued in the offseason. With all of the young arms coming up Ryan Dempster could bring in a good prospect or two. Ryan has been good in the pen this year but he hasn't been great like Gagne, Lidge, Rivera, or Wagner.
  • Don't look now but Luis Montanez may not turn out to be a bust after all. He was recently promoted to AA West Tenn and is hitting .303/.361/.576 in 33ABs. Luis may not ever be more than a bench player for the Cubs but after last year did anyone think he would ever see the majors?
  • The Cubs could have a very young team next year. Cedeno, Murton, Pie, Hill, and Fontenot in addition to the sub-27 gang of Big Z, Prior, A-Ram, Mitre, and Williams.

There is a lefty on the mound for the Giants today so we will probably see Murton and maybe even Cedeno in the starting linup. I love the youngsters. (How do I call guys almost exactly my age youngsters?)


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