Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Look West Mr. Hendry, Look West

It is time to call it. The LA Dodgers have been dead on the table for a few days now and it is time to remove any usable parts that the Cubs can put into use. Paul DePodesta made a good effort and his moves were all solid but injuries have done them in but they have players that could be of use.
  • Milton Bradley (.298/.345/.511): I love this guy. I don't care about his bad temper, I don't care that he makes Gary Sheffield look sweeter than a Girl Scout holding a kitten. The man can play ball and that is all that matters. He is a very good defensive centerfielder, he runs the bases very well, he is willing to take a walk, and he kills the ball when he makes contact. Bradley would give us a bona-fide leadoff hitter, a vocal guy for the clubhouse, and as a side benefit Zambrano and Bradley would piss off Cardnal fans with their bad boy images. The Dodgers probably value him more than the Cubs do but I would be willing to give up Rich Hill and a second B level prospect.
  • Oscar Robles/Antiono Perez/Mike Edwards: How is it that the Dodgers can have these guys everywhere in their system but the Cubs continue to employ Jose Macias. Any one of these guys would be better than Macias. Hell the Cubs have guys in AA and AAA that would be better than Macias. My hope is that Fontenot gets called up in September and pushes Macias off the roster.

I don't think I would mind throwing Bradley out in center and then just trying to find a hot bat between Hairston, Murton, Holly, and Gerut for left field.


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