Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Quandry of Managers.

Like many members of the CBA I am not a fan of Dusty Baker. I would love to be able to write a post about possible replacements but I have no good information. The best I could do is rehash old managers.
Old mangers have W-L records to work with but I wan't more than that, I want to know if they sac bunt a lot, if they like to play rookies, if they push starters to go long in games, if they know the importance of OBP and SLG, if they use the roster creatively. None of this is found in a record. Not to mention the hundreds of managers without useful records in the minors, college, bench coaches, pitching coaches ect. The people that tend to get lots of support on-line are guys like Steve Stone because we know a little bit about what he thinks. But Steve Stone as far as I know has never coached a game in his life, not exactly the type you want to hand the reigns of a team.
I think that this lack of information is what continues the merry-go-round of managers in pro sports. Fans and media can't second guess these moves very easily. Someone can say that the Yankees should have signed Vlad instead of Sheff because they have numbers, video, scout quotes. But to say that the Royals shouldn't have hired Buddy Bell is fruitless because there are no numbers besides W-L record and good managers can loose with bad teams. I would love for someone to gather better info on managers and if someone has it please tell me.


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