Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Quick Thoughts

To call this Cubs team streaky would be like calling Ron Artest is a little testy. Why couldn't we have this streak start like five games earlier. So right now the Cubs are playing great ball and we have to stop for the break, F*@K!
  • Welcome to the big leagues Adam Greenburg! Something makes me think that is not how he saw his MLB debut going. Damn.
  • WTF is wrong with Glendon Rush. Did moving him to the rotation and then back to the pen make him a worse reliver? Are more hits falling in agaist him or is it something actually wrong?
  • I know people complain about Hairston's defense in center but it would have to be a lot worse to make having him out of the linueup and leadoff a good thing.
  • I would guess that a Jerry Hairston for Jaque Jones deal is in the works. If it isn't it should be it just makes sense. Jerry covers 2nd for the Twins and Jones is moved to center for the Cubs.
  • Dusty said that Holly had to play today to avoid being rusty but he still refuses to start Cedeno. Hell Perez is much worse than Murton.
  • I will say it every day if it helps any but Mike Fontenot can help the Cubs. HE IS BETTER THAN MACIAS! I am not even sure why Greenburg was brought up instead of Mike.
  • What the hell is up with this new Home Run Derby format? No Pujols, Tejada, and Vlad. But Bay and Choi are participating. This is some of the great marketing ideas coming from MLB. This may not recieve as much pub but this is way worse than Spiderman on the bases.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Dave said...

have you heard anything about FLA piere coming to the north side, I hear we are going to give up so decent draft picks for him


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