Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trade season kicks off

So Jim Hendry's finally put the pieces together on a trade. It probably helps that it is after the All-Star break and the other team was not really using the player we aquired but it is still a trade and I like it. The very simple bones of this deal go like this: the Cubs aquire Jody Gerut (275/357/377) and send Jason Dubois (239/289/472) to Cleveland. I think this deal helps the Cubs for several reasons:

  1. The Cubs get much improved versatility. Jody has played all outfield positions and would allow Dusty the ability to mix and match linups. A-Ram needs a day off, play Hairston at 3rd and Gerut in Center. D-Lee needs to rest the soulder against a righty, Holly can play first with Gerut in right. A platoon can be made for centerfield. I don't know how Dusty will handle the increased choices but it at least has the possabilty of being good.
  2. It allows the Cubs to get rid of Jose Macias. This one is a pipe dream because I am fairly sure that Greenburg or Grieve are going to be sent down but I like to dream. Jose would now become the 3rd option at both third base and second behind Hairston.
  3. The Cubs gain a usefull player without compromising thier major league club. Hendry loves to do this. He sends a player that is in the minors and not a top prospect anymore and sends them off for good players.

Lets hope this works out and that the right choices are made. God I love trade season!


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