Friday, July 08, 2005

Why Stop Now?

If the Cubs are bringing up minor leageres to give a jumpstart to the club then I say go all out. There are a few more players in the minors who would be great improvments over people on our current roster.
  • Mike Fontenot: (288/394/464) Now thats some OBP! And he plays 2b and 3b just like Jose Macias. This sounds like a quick and massive upgrade. Mike is 25 and has nothing else to prove in the minor leagues.
  • Geovany Soto: (261/384/344) Soto is an OBP machine and plays great defense behind the plate. That is one more thing than Blanco can do. I hated that contract when it was signed and I hate it more now.
  • Rich Hill: Stikeout machine all year long. I have a feeling that he could be more usefull than Mitre or Novoa. Hill took some effort to find today because he will be starting in Peoria due to Hurracaes in Flordia. We could see some massive K totals today.
  • Brandon Sing: (289/400/570) Power, he has it in spades. Patience, he will wait all week for the right pitch. Defense, did I mention the power. For a team that put up with Dubois Sing couldn't do much worse. And if D-Lee goes on the DL than I don't think we have a better option in the system to replace him.

Several other options are VanBuren, Aardsma, and Pie. I don't see how these players could help the team but I think we might see them this year. I am also looking forward to the ripple effect in the minors leagues, I would like to see Scott Moore see some AA action.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Dave said...

just a quick side note on blanco, look at the pitchers ERA when pitching to Barrett or blanco and tell me if is a good defensive catcher or not.....


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