Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I haven't posted in over two weeks and in that time the Cubs have traded for Matt Lawton in a trade deadline blockbuster, got Williamson Wood and Nomar back, then proceded tank the rest of the season. The Cubs are so far back that for the first time all season don't see them making the playoffs. The problem with this team is that it is not one thing in specific that needs to be changed. The pen is bad but not horrable, the bench is bad but it is just the bench, and all the starters are at least solid (except maybe centerfield). The good thing is that now I can start looking to next year, something that Cubs fans do best.
What do the Cubs need to look for next year? In my belief they need three things 1) Outfield help 2) Shortstop 3) bench help. Some may argue that the Cubs need pen help, which is true, but I don't see the pen now as bad just young and mismanaged. Anyway the best way to throw away money is to invest in bullpen arms. So how do I fix these problems here is my take.
  1. Buy Brian Giles I think that he could be a great number 2 hitter. OBP over 400 and an OPS over 900 all while playing in pitcher friendly Petco park. Try and trade for Adam Dunn. I know people have said this all year but I think that we could do it. It is my belief that prospects have become overvalued in this market and if the Reds want Rich Hill then give them Rich Hill. I believe the only prospect that the Cubs shouldn't trade at any cost is Matt Murton. Matt Murton gets the other outfield spot. I don't care if Giles or Murton playes centerfield but that is better than allowing a not ready yet player like Pie or a blackhole player like Patterson to man the spot.
  2. I don't know about this one. I woun't mind a third go with Nomar as long as Neifi is not the backup. I think all you have to realize with Nomar is that he is only going to play about 2/3 of the season so you need a good hitting backup. Also Nomar could be had for cheap once again and cheap is good. Looking at who else is out there is bleak Lugo, Furcal, and NEIFI! part duex.
  3. The bech is an often overlooked problem for the team. Look at how much this team plays its researves. Neifi played most of the season, Hairston played about half, and Holly is still starting games on occation. I would configure the bench thusly. Lugo, Craig, Fontenot, Blanco, and Sing.

With those moves I think the only real expense would be Giles, with everyone elso being washes. Then all the extra money could be spent on back of the rotation starters, installing an Oakland like pre-hab program and paying Dusty not to coach our team.